Andrea Nisler’s Timberwolf Fitness Offers a New Way to Get Fit in Roseville

Andrea Nisler’s Timberwolf Fitness Offers a New Way to Get Fit in Roseville Main Photo

5 Dec 2022

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After years of being a member herself, Andrea Nisler purchased Timberwolf Fitness in 2019 with one goal in mind: to create a communal CrossFit space that contributes to the health and wellness of Roseville. “My inspiration for purchasing a gym, I’ve always been very active and involved in fitness and a community like has always been something I’ve really enjoyed.” she said. CrossFit had an incredibly powerful influence on her life, and Andrea wanted to use Timberwolf Fitness to share that influence with her community. 

Timberwolf Fitness is an elite CrossFit and group fitness gym lead by Andrea and her team of coaches. Her team possess a variety of skills, backgrounds, and experiences that tailor to each individual member’s fitness level, age, and goals. 

Benefits of CrossFit

For those unfamiliar, CrossFit is a group fitness exercise program that involves strength and conditioning through functional movements, such as squatting, pulling, and pushing. These functional movements are performed at a high level of intensity, providing both functional strength building and cardiovascular exercise. 

The thing Andrea likes most about CrossFit is its ability to challenge members, directly impact their wellness, provide them with a sense of purpose, and strengthen community bonds through team building. 

Class sizes at Timberwolf Fitness are capped at 18 members, providing each individual with personalized coaching and attention.

Roseville’s Thriving Fitness Family

A sense of community in a place where members can improve their wellness motivated Andrea to purchase Timberwolf Fitness. When asked about her reasons for choosing Roseville, she said, “We chose Roseville as the location for the gym because this community is thriving and it’s growing and I think it’s wonderful to be in.”

What sets Timberwolf Fitness apart from larger, global gyms is its emphasis on togetherness. The smaller, tight-knit community of members help to support each other through their fitness journeys, maintain accountability, and form lasting friendships in a setting that prioritizes their health and wellness. 

Andrea also believes in treating the body as a machine. You’ll find little equipment at Timberwolf Fitness, where coaches emphasize functional movements and body weight training to build strength and endurance. The open, clutter-free environment allows members to reap the full benefits of CrossFit. 

Fitness for Everyone

While CrossFit has a reputation for the ultra-athletic, Andrea strives to provide an open and inclusive environment for every fitness level, age range, and athletic experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gym rat or brand new to the world of CrossFit, all of the exercise regimens at Timberwolf are scalable to individual fitness abilities. 

When members of Timberwolf Fitness aren’t breaking a sweat in the gym, you can find them on regular group outings in the community. Baseball games, picnics, and sand bag tournaments are all fair game for this close knit group of CrossFitters. Bringing fitness out of the gym and into the community through fun, bonding experiences is another one of the many contributions Andrea and Timberwolf Fitness have made to Roseville.

You can find more information about Andrea and Timberwolf Fitness at their website: as well as a schedule of group exercise classes. Your first session with the gym is totally free. Stop in, meet the team, and become part of Roseville’s thriving fitness family. 


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