Refreshing Living Environment Defines Roseville Community

In 2023, the Roseville community comprised approximately 15,500 households. The majority are single-family detached dwellings, ranging from starter to upscale homes, complemented by a wonderful selection of condo, townhome and apartment options. The city’s numerous natural amenities, like well-kept parks and trail systems connecting residential areas to multiple lakes and green spaces, make it a popular destination for people of all ages.

Living in Roseville makes sense financially as well. Per Sterlings Best Places, in 2023, Roseville’s median home cost was $324,400, compared to the U.S. average of $338,100. See the current comparison here. Additionally, for over two decades, Roseville’s property tax rates have consistently remained at least 10 percent lower than the average of comparable medium and large-sized cities. Roseville’s renowned affordability and quality of life make it an attractive place to lay down roots.

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