Roseville was incorporated as a city in 1948 with a population of 4,589. The city experienced dramatic growth in population and commercial development in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, the city has shifted its focus from planning to redevelopment and preservation. Today, Roseville is a thriving mixed-land use community with established neighborhoods, ample open space, and vibrant retail and commercial development.

There are 35,878 people living in Roseville and 15,842 households, with a population density of 2.7 per square mile.

Area employers routinely report that Roseville’s labor force is highly productive, has a notably low absentee rate, and either lives within city limits or commutes from a 20-mile radius. These dedicated men and women are also highly educated: 46 percent have a college degree or higher. Approximately 36,000 people travel into the city daily to work in Roseville.


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