Looking for a Great Haircut? Fade to Roseville!

Looking for a Great Haircut? Fade to Roseville! Main Photo

4 Nov 2022

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A patron visiting a barber shop typically seeks a quality haircut in a minimum amount of time that fits into a busy schedule. Mike Black, owner of Roseville’s Fade to Black Barber Lounge, knows the experience can be so much more.

“It definitely starts with doing good work,” he said. “But we also offer a family-friendly environment with an energy level that meets customers at the door, making them want to return.”

Black opened Fade to Black about a year ago in Lexington Plaza as a barbershop for people of all ages. He brought 14 years of experience in various barber shops throughout the Twin Cities metro area, graduating from barber school in 2008. After growing up in North Minneapolis, Black sought a location to start a business that fulfilled his concept of an inclusive barber shop for all. 

“I had a business vision to bring culture and diversity to other places,” said Black. “Roseville was a very intriguing option.”

Respectful environment

Black found his current site, which had been a barber shop with a previous owner in Lexington Plaza, that offered easy access to customers both in Roseville and from outside its boundaries. He has a few barbers and a braider/loctician who provide excellent service for adults and youth. Black has invested significantly in the business to ensure it delivers a relaxing, clean environment for all customers.

“I believe we deliver quality service in a setting that has great energy in a family-friendly environment with respect for a diverse clientele,” he said. “Customers gravitate to us as they see what we are about.”

Black believes the local and greater metro community has taken to the business well. This November marks Fade to Black’s first anniversary. He has developed his own premium beard oil product line. He was able to work in a Mall of America pop-up shop for seven months and travel to participate in a hair show in Miami, all of which helped open his eyes to the possibilities for small businesses.

“Minnesota is an awesome place to run a small business because there are so many people interested in supporting local entrepreneurs,” he said. 

Community embrace

Looking back at his first year of operation, Black said he feels very fortunate that his business has been able to prevail so far.

“The community has embraced me, wanting to see what my business is all about,” he said. “I see how well other businesses around me are doing, so the community deserves a pat on the back for supporting us.”