A Mindful Approach to Chiropractic in Roseville

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3 Nov 2022

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Chiropractic services often focus on vertebrae misalignment in the spine to treat back pain. But Bandana Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Roseville asks clients to think of that treatment as one part of the process.

“We ask clients to open their minds to more possibilities of being and staying healthy,” said co-owner Scott Halida. “We want folks to know they don't have to continue to suffer.”

Halida and fellow co-owner Trent Iverson founded the business in 1999, drawing its name from its original location at Bandana Square in St. Paul. They moved to their current location in Roseville in 2004. They moved to Roseville looking for room to expand their business and have not looked back. The practice has received numerous awards over the years from entities like Minnesota Monthly Magazine, the Roseville Review and Lillie Suburban Newspaper. The Star Tribune recently gave Bandana a 2022 Gold Best Award in its “Minnesota’s Best” rankings.

Health education

Halida believes the advantages of Bandana Chiropractic center around their desire to educate clients on health and wellness.

“We want to help people understand that there are ways to address their health without medication and come at their wellness differently,” said Halida. “It is important for them to understand they are not too old or do not have to live with the pain they have.”

Their work centers around several wellness pillars:

Body Analysis

Bandana has several tools to determine the sources of pain beyond a patient’s feelings, including digital x-rays and decompression units. Additionally, Halida and Iverson were exposed to the benefits of laser therapy to allow the body to heal faster while working with Olympic athletes in 2012 with the Team USA Wellness Advisory Council. Laser and LED therapies help the body to heal faster.

“We utilize x-ray technology to determine why there is a malfunction, not just basing it on how a patient feels,” said Halida. “Then we can x-ray again after treatment to see if there has been a physical change.”

Maximize the Mind

“Most often, we have to change the way we think to change our actions causing the problems,” said Halida. “I like to say we need to change our stinkin’ thinkin’!”


“The way we eat and the supplements we take can increase the anti-inflammatory response to keep the corrections longer,” he said. 


“Exercise is the forgotten nutrient,” he said. “You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym - even a few minutes per day at home can increase the oxygen impact and increase the chances to heal.”


“Many times, this can be the missing piece to the health puzzle,” said Halida.

Good in Roseville

Roseville was a natural location for their expansion due to a familiarity with Halida’s wife growing up there and Dr. Iverson living there during college. The Halidas have lived in Roseville since 2002, loving the excellent park system and ease of access to the Twin Cities.

Today, the business partners believe being engaged in the community is essential to their success beyond just the services they provide. They sponsor local sports teams and are active in churches and community events, like a recent ‘Truck & Treat’ during a Fun Family Fall Festival in their parking lot.

“We want to bring good feelings to the community and do good in Roseville,” said Halida.

The owners have optimism for the future of their business in Roseville. A primary reason is the attitude of the surrounding community members. What used to be an older age base is now a mix of ages, with an increasing number of youthful residents moving in and bringing an infusion of energy.

“That vibrancy is vital for business owners,” he said. “That energy, combined with Roseville’s dedication to investing in keeping the city nice, bodes well for the future.”

"The Roseville Economic Development Authority (REDA) coordinates and administers economic development and redevelopment initiatives for the City of Roseville, MN. It serves as a comprehensive resource for businesses seeking to startup and grow in the area. In addition to prioritizing business retention and expansion, the REDA connects area employers with the dedicated and talented workforce they need to succeed and thrive."