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28 Oct 2022

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Navigating the world of Medicare and insurance can be an anxious and fearful experience. Roseville’s Twin City Underwriters, an insurance broker with expertise in Medicare and other insurance products, seeks to make that process a more comforting endeavor.

“We recognize understanding Medicare is a complex task, so we focus on helping individuals find the right plan for their needs while controlling the costs,” said Twin City Underwriters sales manager Kari Mellone. “We seek to help people make better decisions.”

Located in the Roseville Professional Center, Twin City Underwriters includes a team of agents trained in coverage options from major insurance providers. Their SurePlan® Medicare System is a standard of excellence it utilizes to ensure a Medicare health plan suits each client’s health and lifestyle needs. Agents provide year-round support and a guaranteed annual review. That practice is based on president Thomas Peterson’s vision to help people make decisions as changes occur in their lives.

“At Twin City Underwriters, we all gain immense satisfaction from helping our clients in such an important aspect of their lives,” said Peterson. “We seek to build relationships early on so they can have peace of mind later in life.”

Medicare made fun

Twin City Underwriters brings a unique attitude towards an often confusing topic. Peterson created an initiative called “Fun with Medicare” that is not only an effort to make Medicare information accessible and understandable to clients but to freshen the mindsets of his employees. He is adamant about finding a way to present information on Medicare and insurance to clients that offers hope and enthusiasm to the planning discussions.

“Our job is to make lives better, so we should have a good time doing that,” he said.

But beyond the focus on fun is a commitment to know the intricacies of current Medicare and insurance plans and policies. Understanding these markets is complicated for the average person, so becoming fluent in the rules and regulations is an agent’s role.

“We do that by forming good relationships with carriers to understand how their systems work so we can completely manage the issue,“ said Peterson. “Our internal licensed agents have intense training to ensure clients can make the best decisions for their situation.”

Educating Roseville

Peterson was raised in Roseville. In 1968 his father started a life/health agency in Roseville. Peterson and his wife, Cindy, took over the business and, in 1999, focused on the Medicare health insurance aspect. Peterson believes Roseville is an excellent location for the insurance industry for several factors. It has a significant 55+ community, so Roseville accommodates businesses serving them. The city administration and police are run well and easy to work with, delivering an overall general calmness and safety to the community, which aids his ability to hire and keep employees. Roseville’s proximity to the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area makes it easy for clients to access their office.

“That access to other parts of the metro was critical back in the day when we used to do home visits,” he said.

Continued need

Peterson tries not to predict trends and impacts beyond five years. But he is optimistic about Roseville’s overall business prospects and Twin City Underwriter’s ability to provide the needed services for Roseville’s ‘70-plus but not senior’ population.

“These individuals are in great physical and intellectual shape, but the reality with insurance is that it's getting more complex and they will need us more than ever,” he said.

For more information and help with decisions on Medicare, Health Insurance, Travel, Dental, Hospital Indemnity, Life insurance, as well as Annuities, please email Twin City Underwriters, call 651-444-1190 or stop in at 2233 Hamline Avenue North, Suite 615, Roseville, MN 55113.

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