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29 Nov 2023

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Pets are often valued family members and the best veterinary practices understand that. The Como Park Animal Hospital has adopted that philosophy for over 40 years, with the last year from its new location in Roseville.

“We are a diverse group that cares for each other and our community,” said Dr. Patrick Jennrich, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) - Medical Director. “We treat our clients the same way, knowing that we can care for the public by caring for their pets.”

A lifetime of love for all animals and the veterinary profession inspires a caring attitude.

“Our philosophy is to treat our client pets as our own,” stated founder/owner Dr. David Wetherill. 

Serving Roseville and beyond

December 2 marks Como Park Animal Hospital’s 41st year of operation, founded in St. Paul by Dr. Wetherill in 1982. Patients come from Roseville, St. Paul, the Twin Cities and across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota. It moved locations in 2022 from St. Paul to Roseville at the intersection of Dale St. & Larpenteur Ave. After launching an emergency care service in 2013, the veterinary hospital offers care 24 hours a day, seven days a week with ten practicing doctors and 60 total employees.

The hospital provides a full array of pet services, including primary care, 24/7 emergency care, hospitalization, laser surgery and dental care. They have expertise in dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, exotics and more. 

Care for the community

Their quality care has gained significant respect over the past forty years, illustrated by its recent recognition by Minnesota Monthly in 2023 as the best veterinary practice in Minnesota. Its staff is actively involved with national, state and local organizations, such as the Animal Humane Society, various rescue and adoption groups and local zoos. It has provided veterinary care to various service and K9 police units, including the Metro Transit, St. Paul K9 Unit, Maplewood K9 Unit, Stillwater Corrections, K9 dogs in training and others. It currently serves as the City of Roseville Police impound for abandoned dogs, able to find homes for 95% of their intake. It has been an American Animal Hospital Association member for over 20 years.

Care for the community underlies the service the hospital provides. Jennrich said the hospital’s family-style approach extends from the staff to their clients. Many employees travel an hour to work, such as Joan Kaselau, Clinic Patient Advocate, who has been at the hospital for all 41 years. They have known and treated pets for multiple generations within families, with excitement to see children and grandchildren with their various pets. Dr. Jennrich said caring for the local community is easy when they see how much it cares for itself.

“One example is when a woman was watching a neighbor's parakeet, Petey. She brought him in for us to look at a damaged wing, and in the exam process, we discovered Petey’s wings were not attached but held on with string! Despite being the happiest parakeet you ever saw, Petey obviously could not fly,” he said. “The owner could no longer keep Petey, so this wonderful neighbor took him in and adapted his cage so he would not have to fly. They are still happily together years later!”


A need to expand their physical location with emergency care quickly became apparent. Dr. Wetherill and Dr. Jennrich each grew up in St. Paul, and they, along with the staff, wanted to stay close to the area with their expansion. Their current site, only about one mile north of its previous location, offered the desired space in a safe community close to much of its existing client base. Jennrich said the City of Roseville was excellent to work with during construction, agreeing to numerous construction allowances for the approximate 22,000 square-foot-builidng, giving them many opportunities not allowed for in its previous 4,000 square-foot location. 

“We are extremely pleased with our new location,” said Jennrich. “Numerous customers say it has a “Mayo-feel” to it, which was Dr. Wetherill’s desire for the construction.”

The new location now has a dental suite, bird ward, cat ward, dedicated emergency room, custom pharmacy and 35 kennels, an increase from the ten they had previously. 

“The exam rooms are my favorite, with their wide windows and sills,” said Dr. Jennrich. “Cats could care less about the exam as they look outside.”

Clients appreciate expanded parking, a welcoming lobby and a coffee bar with a fireplace.

“That welcoming, safe space is so important for our clients because we know they are here, often nervous about their pets, and this allows them to relax for a bit,” said Katie Sharer, CVT Supervisor. 

Future plans

Continued service and growth are the current focus for the hospital. Ten practicing doctors are unique for a privately owned practice, but they always have an eye open for more. They would like to continue to expand their specialist offerings, such as an additional boarding, ophthalmologist, surgeon and full-time groomer. 

“We know that we can treat people well by treating their pets well, and because of that, they will want to stay with us,” said Patty Jennrich, Dr. Jennrich’s wife and HR Assistant. 

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