Paws for Roseville Entrepreneurs This November – Featuring The Cafe Meow

Paws for Roseville Entrepreneurs This November – Featuring The Cafe Meow Main Photo

17 Nov 2023

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There’s something for everyone in Roseville, MN, but fans of cold brew and cats will especially enjoy their time at The Cafe Meow. Jessica Burge, owner of the coffee shop and the cat lounge, recently moved her business to the area. She perfectly represents the entrepreneurial spirit of Roseville residents just in time for National Entrepreneurship Month.

“The Cafe Meow's goal is to provide a welcoming space for people and cats to relax and enjoy each other's company,” says Burge. “We hope to provide a warm and cozy environment for a variety of community members.”  

Visitors to The Cafe Meow can order organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee and tea in one section and then enter the cat lounge in the other. The Cafe Meow fosters up to 30 cats at a time, all of which are up for adoption. Guests can walk into the coffee shop or lounge anytime, but reservations are recommended if you want to meet the cats on weekends or when visiting large groups.

Burge is already making an impact on the local community, both from an economic development and humanitarian perspective. She spends her days serving coffee to Roseville residents while helping homeless cats find their forever homes. 

Roseville Supports Local Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs from all walks of life are welcome in Roseville. Many small businesses are led by entrepreneurs, who have a massive impact on the nation. Entrepreneurs make up 99% of small businesses and are vital to Roseville’s economy.

To honor these business owners, November is National Entrepreneurship Month. What started as a single day in 2010 became a month-long celebration thanks to the tireless efforts of entrepreneurs nationwide.

In the case of The Cafe Meow, celebrating entrepreneurs means supporting them when they are ready to move their business – and 30 cats – to the area. “We do our best to provide resources to entrepreneurs year-round,” said Janice Gundlach, Community Development Director for Roseville.  

“Roseville leaders are incredibly proud of our small business owners,” says Jeanne Kelsey, the Housing and Economic Development Program Manager for Roseville. “We proactively support local businesses and have run campaigns like ‘Choose Roseville’ to market them. Entrepreneurs who would like help starting a business in Roseville or the Twin Cities area should call us for assistance.”

Burge appreciates the efforts of Kelsey and her team as she transitioned her business to Roseville. They provided information about the various processes that come with opening a business in the area so she could quickly open her doors and start serving local residents.

“The team at Roseville's building department has been a huge asset to our opening with their expert knowledge base and helpful attitude,” says Burge. “They have gone above and beyond to help The Cafe Meow feel support on their journey to opening.” 

The Cafe Meow’s Success Can Help Other Entrepreneurs

The Cafe Meow supports the local community by providing a place for residents to meet up, relax, and play with their feline friends. Visitors to the cat lounge help to socialize kitties and make them more adoptable – which keeps them off the streets and out of the shelters. However, Burge and her team also support other groups in the Roseville area and build up other animal-centric entrepreneurs.

“Just weeks after opening in Roseville, we hosted one of our annual fundraising events for the cats and saw such a huge gathering of people and a warm embrace by the locals to help raise funds,” says Burge.

These fundraisers are for the partners of The Cafe Meow, mostly organizations that rescue cats in need and help them find loving homes. The cafe’s success allows Burge to fund other efforts in the community to support our feline friends.  

The Cafe Meow also sells merchandise, providing opportunities for entrepreneurial local crafters to grow their businesses as well. 

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit in Roseville

The Cafe Meow is just one example of a thriving business led by a driven entrepreneur in Roseville. If you have a business idea or are passionate about an industry or cause, you could be the newest entrepreneur to open your doors in Roseville.

National Entrepreneurship Month celebrates innovation, creativity, problem-solving, courage, and change! If you were wondering when is a good time to start your own entrepreneurial experience, the time is now. Contact the Roseville Economic Development Authority (REDA) for assistance. Roseville is the center of it all and we’re here for you! 

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