Computype: Tracking Success at Home and Around the World

Computype: Tracking Success at Home and Around the World Main Photo

12 Oct 2023


Some companies become industry leaders in their field with a narrow focus on becoming proficient in specific skills that they can offer to potential customers. Others build their expertise and look outward, seeking to apply their knowledge to solve unsolvable challenges. Computype, based in Roseville, MN, is one of the latter, seeking to interact with its customers and community to provide solutions for all. The family-owned company is focused on changing the way the world tracks things with a vision of a future where the world’s most critical issues are tracked with absolute clarity. 

“We partner with our clients to solve their critical identification and tracking challenges,” said Brady Borkoski, Computype’s Director of Marketing Communications. “When a client comes to us with an issue, we offer a complete plan to resolve their concerns.”

Founded in 1966 as a computer typesetting service bureau operation, Computype is a family-owned company recognized today as a leader in identification and tracking systems. After switching its focus to barcode production in 1984, its accomplishments include being a leader in tire bead label manufacturing, with more than 400 million bead labels supplied to customers in 40 countries. Its pioneering efforts include automated histology slides, Cured Ink Direct Marking and its first Donation Identification Number (DIN) label contract with the American Red Cross in 1983, which has led Computype, tracking a large majority of the nation’s blood supply. That history speaks to the company's interest in addressing clients’ most significant challenges. 

Recent expansion

That process results from the values Computype holds as a family-owned company and is reflected in the recent Roseville facility expansion. The company acquired adjacent space to its existing facility to improve its ability to meet the needs of its customers and employees. For customers, the added area includes new technological equipment to test or create new applications, offering confidence to customers that Computype can develop the answers to resolve their concerns and bottlenecks. For employees, the space is a place to collaborate both professionally and personally, simultaneously allowing the company with its retention and recruiting efforts.

“It was an investment in people - both our employees and customers,” said Borkoski. “It also showcases our desire to be in Roseville for years to come.”

Community fit

Computype has operated in Roseville for more than 40 years. The central location offers business advantages, such as an acceptable commute for employees throughout the Twin Cities and efficient distribution and logistics. Numerous shopping and outdoor recreation options in the many area parks are a strong draw for employees. Perhaps most significantly, Roseville’s identity matches ownership’s outlook on active participation in working toward a safe community for all. Highlighted by the efforts of the Buck Roach Foundation and active involvement with organizations like Habitat for Humanity,  the company seeks ways to have all employees be visible and helpful in community efforts by offering programs like paid time off for volunteering. As a Star Tribune Top Workplaces award winner, it’s clear that its employees love their work environment. 

“I have worked for several companies that discuss similar efforts,” said Borkoski. “But it is very refreshing to see Computype make their values visible in the community.” 

Services with solutions

Today, Computype has its eye on developing more opportunities to help customers who are increasingly in need of the services it can provide. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for compliance and certification procedures has dramatically expanded. 

“There are countless opportunities in the Life Sciences space, for example,” said Borkoski. “Companies operating in this field cannot afford to be right only part of the time. They require near-perfect accuracy and our services help relieve the burden and stress of complying with standards and regulations.”

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