Roseville Business Makes Others Look Impressive

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9 Aug 2021


Experienced business owners know customer service is critical to their success. For Dave Haugland, his employees take a simple approach in that regard.

“Our team of experts believes it is our job to make you look impressive,” he said.

Roseville Business Makes Others Look Impressive

Customer service has been a focus for Haugland as owner of the Roseville full service printing company, Impressive Print. It specializes in printing services with personalized solutions to communicate a business’ brand, as well as design, mailing, large format and e-commerce services through goal-specific campaigns. 

Customer Service

The focus on customer service has guided Impressive Print since it began in 1987. Their customers are generally organizations and companies with a need to coordinate all their communication needs across multiple locations. The company has developed a proprietary personalized business communication system that brings all print, promotional and communication needs together, whether that requires physical printed products, digital forms of content, promotional goods or a combination of all.

“That branded online presence serves their locations across the many sectors a client serves, with streamlined systems resulting in the savings of thousands of dollars and hundreds of personnel hours each year,” said Haugland.

Roseville Advantages

The owners started Impressive Print in St. Paul but a series of moves and expansions led to its current location in Roseville in the summer of 2014. Haugland said the advantages of relocating to Roseville begin with its central location. Additionally, Haugland and part of his extended family have lived in Roseville for over 20 years.

“We love the central location and ease at which we can access the freeways to get virtually anywhere in the metro area,” he said. “We also appreciate the diversity of families, and the ability to work together with other Roseville businesses. It is an important part of the success of Roseville to support each other's businesses.” He states, “Roseville is a great hub area for both of the twin cities. It has the benefits of many great businesses along with an incredible dedication to preserving and utilizing the vast system of parks and trails.” 

The move to Roseville was necessitated due to their business growth and they quickly needed to find a larger building. This was also a benefit due to the variety of transportation options for employees to get to work.

“We needed a larger building central to St. Paul and Minneapolis in a safe and well-traveled area with off-street parking and had dock-high loading for our shipping and receiving,” he said. “Roseville was a perfect fit.”

Another advantage with Roseville is being part of a strong, local business environment.

“There are a large number of businesses located in Roseville and the immediate area of which makes up nearly 35% of our current business,” said Haugland.


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact for the vast majority of businesses in the printing industry. Impressive Print saw a decline in client sales, with its primary client in the nonprofit sector having to undergo the temporary closure experienced by so many in that sector. Many organizations had to cancel their annual galas and fundraising events that required Impressive Print services. Business staffs were greatly reduced, resulting in longer timelines for communication and project approvals.

“Most organizations have moved to a virtual work space and are determining how to conduct business and fundraising efforts in this “new normal,” said Haugland. “This is a slow transition and as a result their print needs are much less than prior years.”

Now, the company has made some strategic decisions to transform their business. They modified their communications methods and workflow to accommodate those customers working from home. The employees are on site. The company streamlined and transformed the way it did business through investing in upgrades to its website and delivery methods, thereby bolstering its ability to deploy, implement, and optimize software usage. In addition, it developed several new products and service offerings. They continue to maintain some Covid protocol in an effort to keep employees and customers safe.

Haugland said they are seeing the demand for their services continue to increase.

“Conversations with our clients are positive,” he said. “We believe all our major clients will be retained and anticipate levels of print needs to continue to grow quarter by quarter as we increase our offerings and clients find new ways to communicate.”

The Roseville Economic Development Authority (REDA) coordinates and administers economic development and redevelopment initiatives for the City of Roseville, MN. It serves as a comprehensive resource for businesses seeking to startup and grow in the area. In addition to prioritizing business retention and expansion, the REDA connects area employers with the dedicated and talented workforce they need to succeed and thrive.