59 years ago, 1st Target opens in Roseville

59 years ago, 1st Target opens in Roseville Main Photo

4 May 2021

Target is celebrating 59 years since their first retail store opened in Minnesota.

On May 1, 1962, the first Target store opened in Roseville. In its posters to advertise the opening, the store stated, "a store you can be proud to shop in, a store you can have confidence in, a store that is fun to shop and exciting to visit." The business set out to differentiate itself from other retail stores by combining many of the best department store features, such as fashion, quality and service, along with the low prices of a discount shopper. 

The business's origins came from The Dayton Company. According to Target's website, in May 1961 it was declared by Dayton's new president Douglas J. Dayton that the new store will "combine the best of the fashion world with the best of the discount world, a quality store with quality merchandise at discount prices, and a discount supermarket ... 75 departments in all."

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