Tackling Homelessness in Roseville

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26 Oct 2021

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Frontier Living LLC started in 2020 following the pandemic and the increasing issue of homelessness in Minnesota. Mohammed Hussein founded the agency on the aspiration and motivation to ease and prevent the homelessness statistics from continuing to rise in Minnesota, and to build a foundation of support and services that would benefit families and individuals find housing stability through these services. They strive to make a change starting in Roseville by assisting individuals find affordable housing and the right resources needed to prevent the housing instability that is promptly noted within our communities.

Frontier Living LLC offers Housing Stabilization Services funded by the state in order to fix the homeless problem and end housing instability for individuals that have some sort of disability or physical barriers preventing them from finding stable housing. Included are basic support services such as 24-hour emergency assistance, night supervision, personal support, and homemaker. Additionally, there are in-home support services and employment services based on individual needs. Frontier Living is comprised of a trained, motivated, empathetic, and compassionate team whose values and morals align with the agency’s vision to drive and cultivate the creation of a productive community whose basic needs of shelter are met.

The homelessness population continues to grow in our state of Minnesota with over 7,000 experiencing homelessness just in 2020 alone; and over 8000 others waiting for housing placements in which 67% of those households have individuals with disabilities (USICH, 2020).

Frontier Living LLC
3101 Old Highway 8,Suite 300
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone - 612-276-6684 Ext. 101