Watershed Districts Offer Assistance/Grants to Improve Water Quality

13 Jan 2021

Are you interested in improving the water quality in Roseville? Roseville property owners may be eligible for watershed district grants, technical assistance and advice on ways to improve the water quality in Roseville.

The local watersheds, along with state, regional and local governments, work together to install stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) to improve water quality across the region. Best practices include installing raingardens, redirecting run off and snowmelt, making restorations to shoreline, and other water quality projects.

Watershed boundaries are set by areas of land that collect and transport rainfall and snowmelt to a given lake, stream, or wetland. Watersheds can be a few square miles in size, or continental in size, as is the case of the Mississippi River. The City of Roseville has land within three watershed districts.

Residents can contact the Roseville Public Works Department at 651-792-7004 or publicworks@cityofroseville.com or visit www.cityofroseville.com/Watershed for additional information about watershed districts, including which district a property is located in and potential grant opportunities.