Community connections made possible for all in Roseville

Community connections made possible for all in Roseville Main Photo

19 Jun 2023


At first glance, a mission statement of ‘enriching lives through employment and community connections’ may seem broad and ambiguous. For Roseville-based TSE, Inc., however, that proclamation is much more than a catchy slogan. 

“We truly live and implement our mission,” said Lynne Megan, TSE, Inc. President and CEO. “We want the people we work with to have the same lives as everyone in our community.”

Since 1961, TSE has been a private, not-for-profit company serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Minnesota. Today, the Roseville-headquartered company supports more than 300 individuals in four training sites and over 100 community businesses in Roseville and the greater metropolitan area. The “TSE” name comes from the fact it provides ‘Training, Support and Employment for people with developmental and other intellectual disabilities.’ Its professional staff helps individuals find and maintain employment and learn basic, day-to-day living skills.

“I am grateful for the crucial services that TSE, Inc. provides in our community,” said Ramsey County Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire. “We know how important it is for all of our residents to feel connected to their communities and empowered to achieve their career goals. TSE, Inc. helps our residents with disabilities and our whole community to thrive.”

Employment services

TSE partners with over a dozen employers in Roseville alone, illustrated below with their years of relationship in parentheses.

  • AMC Theater (8 years)
  • Centennial United Methodist Church (20+)
  • Cub Foods (20+)
  • Davanni's (19)
  • Home Goods (3)
  • JUUT Salon (5)
  • Kohl's (5)
  • Lunds & Byerly's (7)
  • Mavericks (5)
  • Pizza Luce (10+)
  • Quiznos (20+)
  • Scandinavian Designs (16+)
  • Schneidermans Furniture (27+)
  • Super Target (6)

“Our goal is to assist the individuals with disabilities that we support to be hired at jobs where they can perform and get satisfaction from while helping the businesses at the same time,” said Megan. 

TSE works with individuals to determine their employment goals and place them in roles matching employer needs. After initial training, TSE staff will systematically allow the employer to assume supervision. TSE staff generally provides follow-along services, checking in with individuals periodically to ensure they can perform their jobs well and employers are satisfied with the experience. 

Employer satisfaction is common, illustrated amongst numerous employer testimonials on the TSE website, including Dave Halverson, former Store Manager at Schneidermans Furniture, who stated, “TSE does a wonderful job helping us maintain the appearance and housekeeping in our store. Their program offers a tremendous experience for their people and a great service to our business.”

Contributing to the community

Employment opportunities are only one part of what TSE strives for, as achieving the enrichment portion of TSE’s mission comes from building community connections. TSE provides volunteer opportunities for individuals at Roseville nonprofits, like packing school supplies at Kids in Need and packaging and delivering meals to support those in need over weekends with Every Meal.

“It is so wonderful to see one of our individuals realize that there are others who are less fortunate than they and are in need,” she said. “That experience leads them to help and give back to their community even more.”

Megan said the Roseville business community has been a solid partner with TSE and, with July including the annual recognition of the Americans with Disabilities Act, now is the perfect time to reinforce inclusion opportunities. 

“Communities have marginalized people with disabilities for years and we want everyone to understand they can be contributing members of where they live and work,” said Megan. 

As with so many other businesses in today’s economic environment, TSE has difficulty finding a large enough qualified workforce and has immediate employment opportunities.

“Our employees have gratifying careers,” said Megan. “The more staff we have, the more individuals we can support.”

"The Roseville Economic Development Authority (REDA) coordinates and administers economic development and redevelopment initiatives for the City of Roseville, MN. It serves as a comprehensive resource for businesses seeking to startup and grow in the area. In addition to prioritizing business retention and expansion, the REDA connects area employers with the dedicated and talented workforce they need to succeed and thrive."