A Healthy Connection in Roseville

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18 May 2022

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Individuals dealing with mental health issues like trauma, addiction, anxiety or depression can have a hard time asking for help. Often, recovery and healing can be found in the surrounding community, starting with connecting with just one other person.

“Fundamentally, mental health is about connection - connecting with yourself, with others and with the environment around you,” said Addie Michlitsch, owner of Illuminate Counseling. “Roseville is a community with many opportunities for connection where people can be themselves and be healthy.” 

Michlitsch is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), providing mental health treatment in various capacities since 2006, including five years at a private practice before founding Illuminate Counseling in Roseville in 2021.

She specializes in trauma, addiction, codependency and anxiety. Michlitsch utilizes somatic and cognitive approaches to help people not just reduce symptoms but heal the underlying causes.

“Emotions not felt will get stored, which can be useful during a particularly difficult time, but can cause painful symptoms or overreactions when they try to be felt at a later time, when something similar triggers it," she said. "I help people begin to feel unfelt emotions safely to release what has been stored, leading to a greater ability to self-regulate, which paves the way for healing." 

Roseville helps

Michlitsch grew up in the Twin Cities, completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota and master’s degree at Bethel University. Roseville has been a great community, both professionally and personally. 

Professionally, Roseville offered the advantages of a central location, making it easy for clients to reach her from many different metropolitan communities. Michlitsch appreciates that Roseville is a small enough community to allow her to connect with other small business owners as well. She enjoys the ability to lean on their collective expertise as she has progressed through the hurdles of running a business since she started Illuminate Counseling. One example is connecting with other small business owners in her building - Roseville Professional Center is a hub of small businesses in Roseville -  who have found a similarly welcoming experience of being able to start and grow a business in Roseville. 

Roseville MN News, Illuminate Counseling“Being a small business owner is a spiritual journey and an opportunity to grow as a person,  learning a lot about yourself as many unforeseen factors confront you,” she said. “Beyond helping others, I value this business as a means to nourish myself by being able to live out my values and witness healing in others which is a truly rewarding thing.”

She has found the community to have an extremely welcoming vibe, where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves.

“Roseville community members are extremely down-to-earth and authentic,” she said. “That fosters a safe community to run or visit a small business.”

Personally, it was a conscious decision to live in Roseville with her husband and three children. Roseville offers many recreational opportunities for families. Her family makes it a point to visit every park in Roseville each summer. You can also regularly find her running one of the many trails. The sense of community was a unique factor that drew her to the area. 

"Living here, I feel like I am a part of the community. I want to be involved. I want to connect. I want to help my neighbors," she said.

Path forward

Michlitsch is excited for her future in Roseville, both professionally and personally.

“I value greatly the ability to connect with my community and I believe my clients can see and appreciate that,” she said. “That connectivity Roseville fosters and the mentality of being there for our neighbors is incredibly important in reducing the stigma of seeking help.”

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