Catheter & Medical Design, Inc.

Catheter & Medical Design, Inc. Main Photo

26 Jan 2021

Success Stories

The medical device industry is booming, and there is no better example in the metro area than Catheter & Medical Design, Inc. (CMD). Certified to ISO 13485:2016, CMD makes specialized catheters that require minimally invasive cardiovascular, neurological and laparoscopic procedures.

Founded in 2005, CMD is a minority-owned, family business that provides medical catheter tubing products to the global medical device industry. CMD is approaching 100 employees and expects to see double digit growth in 2018. International sales is an important part of its growth, with approximately 38 percent of sales in eight countries.

In 2014, CMD expanded to an 18,000 square foot facility with a 7,200 square foot clean room. It currently operate two shifts and has the capacity to add a third shift as business grows.

CMD credits its success to being responsive to customers’ needs. CMS has a strong research and development staff who work with customers to design new products to meet the customers’ needs.

CMD has a robust workforce. In addition to entry-level positions, CMD employs several engineers and employees with business backgrounds. Entry-level employees receive extensive on-the-job training to develop specialized skill sets. They are able to retain employees by offering strong training programs, profit sharing bonuses, internal promotions and competitive wages.