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18 Apr 2022

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Jeena Gurung Vomhof moved to Roseville from Nepal in 2011 with a slight grasp of the English language, but a firm understanding of the value of community.

“Roseville gave me everything, from the love, hope and support from community members to the education I received,” she said. “When I thought about opening my business, I wanted to be in the Roseville community.”

Gurung Vomhof opened Namaste Brows & Boutique this past January at 1718B Lexington Avenue North in Roseville. Her main service is eyebrow threading, an ancient hair removal technique applied by men and women of Asia and the Middle East for centuries. The process can be applied to other facial areas like sideburns, upper lips and more. 

“Threading is much better for the skin, especially for those with sensitive or irritable skin, because, unlike techniques like waxing, there are no chemicals involved,” she said. 

She also has a beautiful collection of hand-crafted earrings, created by individuals in Nepal, with proceeds supporting them there. 

All about people

Namaste Brows & Boutique is more about people than the business itself because Gurung Vomhof focuses on helping people. When she moved from Nepal, she wanted to incorporate herself into her community immediately. She worked with senior citizens in several fashions, through the Red Cross as a CNA, Como Park Living at Home Block Nurse Program as a volunteer coordinator, Ebenezer Senior Living and Presbyterian Homes & Services as a Life Enrichment Director. Along the way, she completed two bachelor’s degrees at Bethel University in Healthcare Leadership and Organizational Leadership.

A few years ago, she started an online business on the side and was doing well enough to attempt to take a pause from those activities and just focus on that business.

“But I am a people-person and I missed interacting with helping people in person, making them smile,” she said. 

One day, as she and her husband were on a walk, they saw an open commercial property and thought a boutique would be a perfect combination of matching a business opportunity with her passion for helping others. 

Potential in Roseville

Namaste Owner, Roseville MN NewsGurung Vomhof came to Roseville as a participant in the Diversity Visa Lottery. Today, she is married, with two children feeling blessed to have found Roseville. 

“This is a very friendly community, excellent for families,” she said. “I have never encountered a bad person and have always felt safe, even when coming home from school late at night.” 

Other businesses near her are very supportive, helping with whatever she needs and recognizing the potential her business has. She sees similar potential for other small businesses in Roseville, as the local diversity grows, which will help deliver a vibrant community, she said. 

“I came to this country with nothing other than two suitcases,” she said. “I hope my story tells others that if they dream, wish and pray for something, it can come true in Roseville.”

While Gurung Vomhof is excited about her new boutique, owning a business was never a lifelong dream for her.

“My dream was to meet and impact people in a way that has them smiling when they leave me,” she said. “Namaste Brows & Boutique has me hopeful to do that now and in the future.”

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