Choose Roseville: About the Campaign

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The Choose Roseville campaign was established to help accelerate local businesses recover in the wake of COVID-19. We seek to establish and deepen connections between Roseville residents and business owners/leaders in order to create a choose local mindset. When Roseville residents choose to work locally and spend their dollars at locally owned businesses, it strengthens our economy and creates opportunities for all our residents.

The Impact

According to the Small Business Economic Impact Study from American Express, each dollar spent at a small business creates an additional 50 cents in local business activity.

Roseville’s Choose Local campaign can also be a catalyst for supporting the growth of BIPOC businesses. BIPOC businesses are a critical part of Roseville’s ecosystem but some have lacked access to traditional capital or an established network of businesses resources and supports or a lack of awareness of how to access these supports. Through our Choose Local campaign, the city is providing BIPOC businesses with free hands-on marketing support. Connect with a Social Media Coach to learn more.

Join the Campaign

You can Choose Roseville by doing the following:

  • Apply to work for a local company
  • Buy products and services from a locally owned business
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on local companies
  • Leave a review for your favorite Roseville businesses on Facebook, Yelp and Google

If you’re a locally owned Roseville business and would like FREE marketing help, contact us!

Campaign Materials

Download our brochure.