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Roseville, MN Higher Education

Roseville has three universities located in the area — the University of Minnesota, University of Northwestern, and Bethel University, — and several more within 10 miles, counting more than 120,000 students. The schools provide research opportunities, a vast talent pool, and community engagement experience.


Educational Attainment (25+)

Educational Level Attained Number
Some High School 676
Graduated High School 4,449
Associates Degree 2,382
Bachelor's Degree 6,942
Graduate Degree 5,651
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Education Expenses

Category Amount
College Tuition $24,560,773
College School Books/Supplies $984,165
Voc/Tech School Books/Supplies $22,082
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

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Roseville, MN: The Center of it All!

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