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Foodies Will Enjoy Rosedale Center’s New Craveable Market

Monday, April 23, 2018

Rosedale Center will soon boast of a 28,000-square-foot culinary marketplace thanks to New York-based Craveable Hospitality Group. Rosedale Center will house the company’s first food hall, a space filled with a variety of food kiosks, operated by this single vendor. Fans of Parts Unknown may be familiar with the concept after viewing the hawker food hall in Singapore. Popular around the world, food halls are a relatively new concept in the United States and one that Craveable Hospitality Group hopes will catch on.

A New Way to Dine in Roseville

Craveable Market will be a two-story food hall featuring thirteen different food kiosks offering a wide variety of food choices. Diners can select from traditional burger fare, along with BBQ, street tacos, sushi, pie and even beer. Food will be served from the kiosks for diners to eat in one of their lounges or at individual and communal tables. Craveable Hospitality Group Culinary Director, Matt O’Neill said, “There will be some stadium seating as well. We want people to linger and have fun.”

The food hall will feature a wide variety of chef-inspired food choices. Guests can visit together and everyone order from the kiosk of their choosing. Craveable Hospitality Group focuses on producing high-end food using quality ingredients. Their attention to detail translates to delectable culinary treats, where even the pizza shop will feature handmade crust and the burgers will be made of US-patented beef. Diners can also order a beer or sample something from the tequila bar, choices typically unheard of in a traditional food court.

Creating a Sense of Place

The design of the food hall is also what makes the market unique. As O’Neill mentioned, they want guests to linger and to enjoy themselves. The atmosphere will be right for moms gathering with their kids, professionals having a long lunch meeting or students hanging out while they study and eat. With a diversity of spaces, there is room for everyone to eat and enjoy. This is aligned with the company’s mission “to inspire awe by transforming each meal into a cherished memory and stimulating a craving to return.”


The Craveable Market will be housed in the former Borders space of Rosedale Center. This prime location will be easy to access by shoppers and those stopping by on their lunch break or after work.

Craveable Hospitality Group

The company bringing this culinary experience to Roseville has been delighting diners in New York with their unique approach to dining and “ingenious culinary creations” since 2003. They have launched 21 properties in the past 13 years with concepts that include Saltbrick Tavern, Handwich Shop, Aspen Kitchen, Angry Taco, Rickhouse Social and celebrity chef concepts like David Burke at Bloomingdale's. Many of these concepts will be featured within the market. The company hopes to expand the Craveable Market concept throughout the United States, after proving the concept at the Rosedale Center.

To learn more about Craveable Hospitality Group, visit their website.

For information on their expansion into Rosedale Center, click here.

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