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McGough Construction Embracing Diversity

4 Mar 2020

Diversity and Inclusion are more than buzzwords at Roseville-based McGough Construction. Rather, diversity and inclusion are two initiatives that the company takes very seriously and the company is involved in some very innovative programs. 

“When it comes to how we approach workforce diversity, we look at both our current needs as well as our future needs,” said Karin McCabe, McGough’s Outreach Director. “And we are very active in our communities.” 

In terms of addressing current needs, McCabe said the company partners with many community programs that are geared toward people that aren’t typically associated with the construction industries, such as women, people of color, indigenous people, and people transitioning out of the justice system. 

Roseville MN News, McGough ConstructionThe message is that the union building trades provides a livable wage without any additional and costly education, in other words, post-secondary education is not required to make a good living in the construction industry. 

But McGough doesn’t just talk the talk. McCabe said it is critical that everything from our internal policies, to our marketing materials and event speakers represent the diversity the company is working to attract. 

“If you can’t see it you can’t be it,” said McCabe, “so we are very cognizant that you see more than the typical construction worker in all our outreach strategies.”

As for future needs, McGough works closely with a nonprofit called Construct Tomorrow that was formed by a group of industry partners, who understood the industry’s need for education and diversification. 

One of Construct Tomorrow’s key initiatives is to educate high school students through hands-on exploratory fairs highlighting the many aspects of the construction industry and the many different paths one can take. 

In addition, McGough partnered with KFI Engineers developing and presenting a week-long class at Roseville Area High School to teach high school girls about working in the construction industry. 

“Along with educating women and marginalized communities on the construction industry, we also have to work with governmental agencies to advocate for issues that profoundly affect them, like child care and transportation,” said McCabe. “That is very important.” 

McCabe notes that inclusion and diversity have come a long way since she first started working in this role for McGough in 2012, while emphasizing the need to continue to elevate this work. Publicly-funded projects have had diversity goals for a while (20% women and 32% minority), but now private companies also see the value and importance of diversity goals for their construction projects. 

“Diversity and inclusion are a critical component for economic equity and growth in our state,” said McCabe.” It has been an honor to be a part of this initiative at McGough and witness the gradual cultural shift in our industry.”


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